more than cotton

More than cotton

Custom crochet pieces handmade by me! I crochet tops, accessories, home décor, and more. My goal has been to be a crochet boutique where people can purchase custom pieces that are cute and unique. My best selling items are my crocheted tops. I have many different colors, sizes, and styles of tops that I bring, giving girls many options to choose from! I also have a photo book with all my top styles so that girls can make a custom order at the event. They can choose what style, color, and designs they want and I take their exact measurements there in order to make it fit perfectly. Most of my tops are halter tops and lace up in the back (making the band adjustable). They are made out of a high-quality cotton/cotton blend yarn that is comfortable while also providing coverage and support. I would focus mostly on selling the tops at the market! Some more items I sell: Bags– I crochet cute bags that can be used as market bags or as your everyday bag. They have a boho vibe and I have varying sizes. I also have sunflower and daisy bags that girls love. They are made out of high-quality 100% cotton yarn. Earrings–I have small flower earrings, crocheted hoop earrings (with and without charms), and a few other styles. Chokers–I make crocheted chokers in various styles. Many actually match the tops. They are adjustable and lace up in the back. Scrunchies–Velvet scrunchies! I sell them individually or in sets of 4. The velvet yarn is super soft and high-quality. Girls love them! Keychains–I have many different keychains including cacti, butterflies, flowers, monstera leaves, mushrooms, pineapples, watermelons, suns, rainbows, and more. These are a big seller! Coasters– I have many different styles of coasters as well. They are made out of 100% cotton yarn and come in sets of 4. I have hexagon, square, circle, and farmhouse styles (circle with scallop trim). I also have daisy coasters, sunflower coasters, and cactus coasters. Hanging Baskets–I have 4 different sizes of hanging baskets that I designed and sell: mini, small, medium, and large. I also take custom orders if there is a certain pot someone would like the basket to fit. They can be used inside or outside for plants, fruit, etc. They are made out of 100% cotton yarn that is strong and durable. They also have a hole in the middle so that if they do use the basket for plants, the pots can drain! Bucket Hats–I have various sizes and styles of bucket hats! I have baby, toddler, kid, and adult size hats and can do custom orders if matching hats are requested. I also have many cute trims that make the hats unique. Makeup Remover Pads– I have a cotton blend yarn that is extremely soft and high-quality, making it perfect for makeup remover pads. I sell them in sets of 3. They are reusable and can be used to remove makeup, nail polish, etc. Velvet Beanies–I crochet velvet beanies in many different colors that are so soft and comfortable. These are best sellers in the fall and winter! My booth set up has more of a boutique feel. I put white sheets up on the sides and have one table and two clothing racks on each side. The racks have my tops on them as well has some hanging baskets with plants. A couple baskets hang on the other side as well to show them off! I have two mannequins that I put in the front to bring people into the booth and show off my most popular styles. I also have a coat rack in the back for my bags and some bucket hats. I have a table in the back where I have my smaller products. There is a mannequin that I have on there along with my jewelry holder for earrings and a baskets for my scrunchies and makeup remover pads. My keychains hang off of cute holders and I have coasters and bucket hats placed on there as well. As mentioned above, I made a custom photo book that has pictures, descriptions, and prices of all my different styles of tops so girls can look through it and make custom orders on the spot. They can choose what style they want to order, what colors, and can make requests if they want anything changed. I take their info and exact measurements there so that I know the top will fit them!

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