Stamped Serenity

Stamped serenity

I sell a wide variety of stamped and gemstone jewelry, with items from both of my online shops, (the other one is @obtainiumdesigns on IG) I specialize in personalized graduation jewelry and Christmas ornaments, but have a lot of ready to go items as well. My line of Idaho jewelry and keychains have been wildly popular at recent shows and are some of my favorites to make. I try to bring feel good, unique items to the market at affordable prices. I only use aluminum and stainless steel to minimize allergic reactions and tarnish, all at a reasonable price. I’ve been on Etsy in one form or another since 2007 and have over 6,000 sales across my 4 shops. My booth is evolving, I haven’t done shows for several years and am just getting back into it, right now it is black tablecloths, stained wood and ceramic display items in a variety of heights to make it interesting to look at. I also utilize a white grid wall to hang my sun catchers and mirror charms on. I’m tweaking it and perfecting so it’ll probably look different every week.

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